Gatlinburg Rocks – A Rock ‘n’ Roll Vacation

Rock N Roll Gatlinburg VacationGatlinburg is known for being a wholesome, family-friendly little town that loves pancakes, bears, and the mountains.  We are proud of that reputation, and it is well-earned.  However, being family friendly doesn’t mean Gatlinburg doesn’t know how to rock.  If you’re looking for a rock ‘n’ roll vacation, don’t count Gatlinburg out…here are just a few of the many reasons why Gatlinburg rocks:

Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson1.  Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson.  What’s rock ‘n’ roll without a sweet ride?  Whether you’re dreaming of the bike you’ll have someday, ready to upgrade  or finally ready to take the leap, Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson has a bike for you.  Or, if you need apparel or accessories, you’ll feel right at home. Are you just a part time rock ‘n’ roller?  Rent a Harley! If your looking for a cabin with secure, flat parking for your ride, click here. Smoky Mountain Harley is located at 530 Parkway in Downtown Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg Ink2. Gatlinburg Ink – Now that you have a Harley, is it time for a tattoo?  Gatlinburg Ink, ,located at 425 Parkway in Downtown Gatlinburg, has been leaving their mark on folks since 1994.  Big Earl has a reputation for good ink & running a clean shop.  Not sure a tattoo is for you?  Try body piercing.  No extra holes for you?  Try a Henna tattoo.

Founder's Day June 14th!3. Hard Rock Cafe Gatlinburg. Two beautiful ideas: legendary music and a mind-blowing menu. Bring your healthy appetite, and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll because the folks at Hard Rock Cafe know how to rock.  Don’t forget that June 14th is Founder’s Day at Hard Rock Cafe.  2009 marks the 38th anniversary of the opening of the first Hard Rock Cafe in London!  Hard Rock Gatlinburg is located at 515 Parkway in Downtown Gatlinburg.

Hard Rock Wedding!4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding.  A lot of love is born of rock ‘n’ roll.  What better way to celebrate your rockin’ union than gettin’ hitched in the only Hard Rock Cafe in the world with a wedding chapel?  They profess before one & all, their “true intention henceforth to walk the road of life as your #1 rockin’ destination for kicking tunes and great times. [They] also promise now & forever that [they] will always serve up grand portions of [their] amazing food, so forsake all others and come as hungry as you want.”  For special events info, click here.

Rod Runs every September!5. Rod Runs. You don’t have to ride a Harley to find a ride in the Smokies.  Every September (and April), Pigeon Forge is host to “rod runs.”  What is a rod run?  Think of original & custom hot rods, low riders, and vintage cars as far as the eye can see.  Looking is free, and you might even find a deal to good to pass up.  Call us for this years dates at 1-800-309-0277 . For video featuring some of the rods from the April 2009 Rod Run, click here.  Looking for Pigeon Forge accommodation for the next rod run?  Take a look at this great 2 bedroom condo or bring the whole family and stay at the Hillbilly Hilton.

Hellbender Grill6. Hellbender Grill.  Gettin’ hungry?  Hellbender Grill offers a great selection of seafood, steak and sandwiches along with an impressive selection of beer.  Enjoy outdoor dining while enjoy live band rockin’ on the patio!  Wondering about the name “Hellbender”?  It is named for the hellbender salamander.  Native to the Appalachian mountains, it can grow up to 3 feet long.  Hellbender Grill (651 Parkway) makes an effort to use recycled products and sustainable practices to protect our beloved Smokies, home of its namesake.

Buy a Guitar!7. Music Outlet.You don’t have to play Rock ‘n’ Roll to take a rock in roll vacation, but just in case you need strings or can’t resist adding another Gibson to your collection…Music Outlet, located at 1050 Winfield Dunn Pkwy in Sevierville, is just a short drive from downtown Gatlinburg.  They carry a HUGE selection of guitars (and just about every other instrument you can imagine).

Custom Leather Goods!8. Smoky Mountain Leather. Now you need custom leather to complete your rock ‘n’ roll look. Smoky Mountain Leather is Gatlinburg’s newest custom leather shop and makes one of a kind guitar straps, knife sheaths, gun holsters, belts, key chains, wallets, and more on site during your stay in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Ask about having your order personalized. Located at 1360 East Parkway.Rock On!

9. Empire Music & Rhythm Section .  You can’t go without the tunes…remember when you had to buy the entire CD to get the song you love?  Remember how many cool songs you found that way?  Try it again.  Stop in and find the music you crave. Both located on the Parkway in Gatlinburg.

Award-Winning Micro-Brewed Beer!10. Smoky Mountain Brewery. Award-winning micro-brewed beer, phenomenal pizza, great appetizers, calzones, subs, salads, sandwiches and steaks are guaranteed to heighten your pleasure.  For a full menu, click here. Did I mention that the Brewery regularly features live music?  Rock On! Located at 1004 Parkway in Downtown Gatlinburg.

ERA In The Smokies Realty & RentalsThis blog is sponsored in part by ERA In The Smokies Realty and Rentals located at 207 Parkway in Gatlinburg, TN. For more information on a Gatlinburg Cabin for your Smoky Mountain Vacation or all the reasons to move to the Smokies, call 1-800-309-0277. ERA In The Smokies is a leader in chalet and Log Cabin Rentals and Real Estate Sales in the Gatlinburg area.

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