GATLINBURG: Win a Free 3 Night Cabin Stay!

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Above the Rest is located in Winfield Heights!Thanks to our sponsors ERA In The Smokies, you could win a free 3-Night Stay in a beautiful Gatlinburg cabin like the cabins of Winfield Heights (pictured at left)!  To become eligible for the November 2nd drawing, just click on the Subscribe button (in the right sidebar) and fill in your email address–no name needed.  Everyone subscribed by October 31st will be included in the drawing to be held November 2nd, 2009.

By subscribing to this blog, you’re sure never to miss the newest update about the Smokies.  Whether you want to visit or plan to “Live on Vacation” in the Smokies, is a great resource for information about Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Moose Crossing is located in Black Bear Falls Resort!The winner will receive a gift certificate for a free 3-Night stay from ERA In The Smokies.  The gift certificate cannot be used during July, October or around holidays.  Otherwise, the folks at ERA In The Smokies will work to find the perfect cabin (like Moose Crossing pictured right) for the winner–no catch.

ERA In The SmokiesIf you simply can’t wait for a vacation until the November 2nd drawing, you can always check out ERA In The Smokies’  up to the minute Specials, Discounts & Deals and book your reservation today!  Call 1-800-309-0277 or email if you have any questions!

37 thoughts on “GATLINBURG: Win a Free 3 Night Cabin Stay!

  1. Would “LOVE” to win this little get away,the drawing is held on my “BIRTHDAY” Nov 2nd!!!! We will be married for 10 yrs, this Valentines Day. It would be wonderful to have some time to be together.

  2. Our family vacationed there when I was 12… almost 30 years ago. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I would love to be able to come back and share it with my family. Thank you for your time. Have a great day !!!

  3. Honeymooned in the Smokies 3 years ago. Now I’m pregnant with our 1st child(Due in February)and this would be a great BABYMOON!!!!!

  4. My husband and I haven’t had a vaacation in two years. We would really enjoy this. We have two kids, my husband works extremely long hours, and I go to nursing school full-time. Thank you! and good luck to everyone!

  5. My husband and I love Gatlinburg. I love going anytime during the year. We have been lucky to have seen bears each visit. Our anniversary is March 1st and a weekend away would be wonderful and much needed!!

  6. Me and my wife met on Aug. 3, 2005 and we were married on Nov. 17, 2005 ( love @ 1st site). Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of strong and good memories to fall back on, through our recent hard times, as most couples do. She has always planned our Anniversaries and our Honeymoon. Each year booked us a week in the mountains in or near Gatlinburg, TN. We have always enjoyed our stays and have made some good memories. This year its my turn to plan our Anniversary. Even tho our budget says we can not afford it this year, I hope I can plan a trip for us to remember, just as she has in the past….

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