Feeling Olympic?

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As the whole world watches the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, perhaps you are also getting in the Olympic mood! Not only are these athletes inspiring by the sheer nature of the sports to which they are so dedicated, but many of them have overcome seemly insurmountable odds to get to where they are! How can we not be inspired! Doesn’t watching the grace of those ice skaters make you want to skate gracefully across the rink yourself? Doesn’t watching the rush of those snowboarders heading down the slopes make you want to hit the slopes yourself? Look no further than the Smoky Mountains for your own Olympic Adventure!Click Here to Visit the Official Vancouver 2010 Olympics Website!

If Skiing and Snowboarding put you in the Olympic Mood, Gatlinburg has the perfect place for you!
Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort offers 8 trails for skiing and snowboarding fun, with rental equipment in a variety of sizes! Don’t know how to ski or snow board? No worries! Ober Gatlinburg  offers skiing and snowboarding lessons for us newbies!

If the Bobsled or Luge events get your blood pumping, why not try some old-fashioned sledding on a snowy day in the Smokies, or even Snow Tubing, at Ober Gatlinburg! What could be more joyful than rushing down a snow-covered hill!

If you long to be like the Olympic ice skaters, the indoor ice arena at Ober Gatlinburg is the place to be! Dare to imagine yourself gliding across the ice with all the grace and speed of an Olympic Champion!

Could it be that Ice Hockey is one of your favorite Olympic events? If so, perhaps a day trip, during your stay in the Smokies, to see the Knoxville Ice Bears Play would be the perfect adventure for you!

And of course, don’t forget to come back each evening to a snug cabin in the Smokies to celebrate your victorious day by snuggling up together on the couch, lighting a fire, and watching the Olympics on television! Information about this years Olympics, including schedules, results, videos, pictures, and more can be found at the Vancouver 2010 official website!

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