We Love Cades Cove!

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Cades Cove is one of the most beloved areas of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and perhaps one of the favorite area attractions over all! In honor the Cades Cove Loop reopening on April 24, 2010, we would like to write about some of the things that make Cades Cove such a favorite!

Cades Cove Loop RoadCades Cove Loop Road
Cades Cove Loop road has been closed for major improvements since March 1. It is set to re-open April 24 with some special celebration events! Other roads affected by the closure include Forge Creek Road, Parson Branch Road, and Rich Mountain Road. Several trailheads were also cut off because of the road closure, and will now all be available for your hiking pleasure! “Numerous potholes and eroded shoulders result[ed] in a rough ride for visitors touring Cades Cove. In addition to repaving the road, pullouts and parking areas, low water crossings and bridges [were] replaced during the project.”

The Trails of Cades CoveTrails
There are several trailheads that begin in Cades Cove: Abrams Falls Trail, Cooper Road Trail, Gregory Bald Trail, Gregory Ridge Trail, Hannah Mountain Trail, Indian Grave Gap Trail, and Rabbit Creek Trail. The various hikes provide many beautiful scenes, including breathtaking mountain views, waterfalls, views of the Cove, historic buildings, and beautiful plants and wildlife all around! For more information about the trails, visit the Cades Cove Visitor’s Center.

Wildlife and Animal Viewing at Cades CoveWildlife Viewing
“Deer are almost always sighted in the fields, and observations of other wildlife, including bear, Wild Turkey, and fox are possible. Please use pullouts when viewing wildlife and never approach or feed animals.” Cades Cove Loop Road is your chance for a Smoky Mountain Safari! Just drive through the park at a leisurely pace, and whenever you see wildlife that peeks your interest, pull you car over to the side, and view all God’s creatures from the comfort of your car! Or get out for a better view, but don’t approach wild animals! There are also horses in Cades Cove, which are a bit more approachable!

Historic Buildings in Cades CoveHistoric Buildings
“A wide array of historic buildings dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries is scattered through-out the cove. These include a grist mill, a variety of barns, three churches, and a marvelous collection of log homes and outbuildings.” I love looking at historic buildings, especially in Appalachia! Something about it just makes my heart come alive!

We’re sure you can see why we love Cades Cove, and we hope you’ll stop by to see us, and the Cove, very soon!

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7 thoughts on “We Love Cades Cove!

  1. i am so glad cades cove roads have been repaved. we go 3-4 times a year and it is our favorite place but the roads were really bad. looking forward to my next visit

  2. Can’t wait. Will be going on family vacation on June 7 and will go visit the cove. So glad the roads are repaved. Beautiful there!!!

  3. I love cades cove,I’ve rode horses and bicycles there,it is so peaceful,I,m so glad the road is repaired.when I travel through the park, I just enjoy all of GODS creations. Can,t wait to return, no phones ,no computers,NO STRESS….

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