Zipline Fever!

Subscribe to A Day in the Smokies!!Ziplining has come a long way! The first time I ever saw or heard of a zipline, there was a rope strung over the lake at the camp I grew up going to. It stretched from a platform built up in a tree, over the lake, and was attached on the other end to the dock. You would grab onto the handle, attached to the rope by a pulley, and jump off that platform, hanging on for dear life as you sped out and down toward the lake. You would eventually reach a dip in the rope where you would slow to a stop, if you were strong enough to hold on for that long, but the point is, eventually you had to land in the water!
Now the Smoky Mountains are full of professional ziplines, that give you the same thrill of gliding through the treetops, without having to worry about whether or not you are strong enough to hold yourself up, or what you might fall on or into if you aren’t! A common theme of all these ziplines is that you are securely harnessed in and attached to the zipline, perfectly safe to enjoy the view and the experience as a whole! Here are a few we recommend!

“Unlike most of the Zip Lines you see around the Smoky Mountains, we actually take you where the birds hang out high in the treetops. From the first step onto our beautifully constructed sky bridges until you zip onto the last treehouse platform your feet will never touch the forest floor throughout our whole 2 ½ hour treetop zip line adventure. That’s the first thing that makes CLIMB Works Canopy so unique, but we haven’t even told you the best part yet…” read more

Adventure Park ZiplinesAdventure Park Ziplines
“If you have not had a chance to zip line in Gatlinburg, Sevierville or Pigeon Forge yet, we encourage you to bring your family, group or just yourself to our nature park. Here, you can relax and take in some magnificent views as you ride our gentle horses or zip line among the trees. Our nearby Gatlinburg zip line tour is conveniently located so you can stay out of your car fighting traffic while on vacation and spend more time having fun!” read more

Foxfire MountainFoxfire Mountain
“Enjoy our scenic world-class 7 Zip Line Canopy Tour spanning 150 acres of Foxfire Mountain and Foxfire Farm. Experience the thrill and adventure of gliding from tree to tree through the forest canopy, across meadows and over a 60′ waterfall!…” read more

Wahoo ZiplinesWahoo Ziplines
“Wahoo Ziplines is the fastest growing attraction in the Great Smoky Mountains, where awe inspiring panoramic views meet heart-pounding excitement! Get your adrenaline pumping as you travel down SIX signature mountain ziplines, each bringing its own unique thrill. You will zip under, through, and over the tree tops at speeds up to 40 MPH….” read more

Smoky Mountain ZiplinesSmoky Mountain Ziplines
“Tarzan did it… now so can you. Flying through the trees at up to 40 miles per hour is an exhilarating experience you’ll never forget. The fun begins once you arrive at our location in Pigeon Forge. Canopy tours start off slow and low, allowing you to get a feel for the lines. Each stretch of the tour gets longer, higher, faster and more exciting. With two professional guides close by at all times, you’ll discover an adrenaline rush unlike any other….” read more

Dollywood SkyZipDollywood’s SkyZip
“You can add a special zip to your visit with Dollywood’s first premium adventure, SkyZip. Fly like an eagle over Dollywood and experience the majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains as you’ve never seen them before. Be a pioneer in the sky as you explore the first multiple station zip-line attraction to open in a theme park….” read more

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    • Hello there!
      Actually we don’t sell any zipline tickets! We just love to recommend some of the extremely awesome things to do in our area! For information about pricing, your best bet would be to follow the links to the different zipline companies we recommended, and contact them directly about their pricing! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you around!

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