Gatlinburg Screenfest 2011

Subscribe to A Day In The SmokiesWhen I first found out that Gatlinburg has its own film festival, I just thought that was the coolest thing ever! I still do! The first image that comes to mind for me when I hear “film festival” is the red carpet with the stars all dressed Gatlinburg Screenfestup in their finery. Now, I know with independent films, the “stars” aren’t quite as famous, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are any less talented. In fact, many indy artists, whether in film, music, or otherwise, are just as talented as the big names, and had their chance at being a “big name” but opted out in favor of the freedom that comes with being an independent! Kudos to all of you who make this choice every day! I’m so excited that your work is being celebrated here in Gatlinburg! 

Gatlinburg Screenfest is an independent film festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee due to take place annually. What makes Gatlinburg Screenfest unique? We work toward finding a marketing niche for an event of this nature in this area, developing the trust of the participants, and listening to the filmmaker’s feedback about the festival to plan for future years. It was hard work developing relationships with established filmmakers in this region and across the United States. We are proud to say many festival goers to both Gatlinburg Screenfest 2009 and 2010 were impressed with our organization, customer service, and detailed interest in thRent a cabin!e filmmakers and their films. We know we have found something special in Gatlinburg Screenfest that has the potential to grow into a huge independent film festival.”

If you are interested in getting in on the fun, and viewing some of these great and unique films, you can find the schedules, purchase tickets and more at the festival’s website!

And if you do get to go, let us know what you think!

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