Let’s Get Wet!

Subscribe to A Day in the Smokies!Summer is here, the sun is shining, and everyone wants to know how they can get wet! Come to the Smokies for your vacation and you can find a different way to get wet for every day of the week!

Stay in one of our cabins with pool access!1. Rent a Cabin or Chalet with Pool Access
ERA in the Smokies offers a number of different cabins with pool access! An undeniably fun water umbrella accompanies the wonderful pool and clubhouse in the luxurious Black Bear Falls Community, where several of our cabins are located! Bear Pond, American DreamCub’s Crossing, Sapphire Smoke, Moose Crossing, and Bear’s Eye View offer wonderful views, luxury interiors, and of course that pool, all within about 5 minutes of Downtown Gatlinburg. Bear PathPointe of Grace, On the Rocks, and Shiloh, are all part of the expansive Chalet Village that boasts three different clubhouses, with a total of 3 swimming pools, a lap pool, and 3 kiddie pools.

Visit the Gatlinburg Community Center!2. Pools at the Community Centers
If your cabin doesn’t have pool access, no worries! The Gatlinburg Community Center has an indoor pool that you can enjoy for just $2 per person per day for adults, and $1.50 per child per day! The Pigeon Forge Community Center (865-429-7373) boasts both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool! The indoor pool is $6 per person per day, and the outdoor pool is just $2 per child per day, and $2.50 per adult per day! The Sevierville Community Center (865-455-5441) has an indoor pool. Or you can visit the Sevierville City Park’s outdoor Aquatic Center (865-429-1504) for just $3 per adult per day, $2.50 per child per day, and $1.25 per spectator per day! You can enjoy one pool or another year-round, rain, snow, or shine here in the Smokies!

Enjoy playing in the mountain streams!3. Enjoy Mountain Streams
Why come to the Smokies if you’re going to spend all your time in a pool? Take at least one day to visit the National Park, and enjoy some of those refreshing mountain streams! Whether you’re rock-hopping, jumping into a swimming hole, or just laying out on a huge rock, listening to the glorious sound of the water rushing by, you’re sure to get addicted to those mountain streams! Some of our favorite places to play in the streams are at the picnic areas at Metcalf Bottoms, Greenbriar, and the Chimney Tops. And since you’re at a picnic area, why not have a picnic while you’re there!

Go Rafting with the Nantahala Outdoors Center!4. Rafting and Tubing
As an East Tennessee kid, rafting and tubing were an integral part of my childhood! A week of summer camp wasn’t complete without at least one or the other, if not both! If you love thrill and adventure, look no further than a day of white water rafting! You will be an irreplaceable member of your rafting team, as you learn to paddle together according to your guide’s instructions! Experience the thrill of making it through those roaring rapids, and in the intensity, don’t forget to look at the gorgeous creation around you! If you are more interested in viewing the creation and less interested in thrill and adventure, perhaps tubing is for you! Enjoy a lovely afternoon floating down a calmer section of a creek or small river as you gaze at the beautiful surroundings! Either way, don’t forget the sunscreen! There are tons of places around here that can provide these aquatic adventures for you! Here are just a few: Smoky Mountain Outdoors, Rafting in the Smokies, and Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Visit Douglas Lake!5. Go Swimming at Douglas Lake
Yet another way to enjoy water in the Smokies is to head to nearby Douglas Lake! TVA has provided two recreation areas and a picnic pavilion at the Douglas Reservoir. The Douglas Dam Headwater Campground (besides campsites and related facilities) offers “picnic tables, swimming beach, boat ramp, walking trail, wildlife viewing area, [and] bird-watching.” The Douglas Dam Tailwater Campground offers many of the same amenities, but seems to be more oriented to fishing than swimming: “picnic tables and grills, group pavilion available by reservation, boat ramp, river fishing with fishing pier, bait and tackle shop, wildlife viewing area, [and] bird-watching.”

Playing in the Rain is Great Joy!6. Play in the Rain
Don’t let those cloudy skies discourage you! What better way to get wet than to just let it fall on you! There are more ways to play in the rain than I imagined! For starters, you can jump into all those lovely puddles! You can slide in the wet grass! You can play sports in the rain, ride your bike in the rain, or even take a romantic walk with that special someone… yes… in the rain!

Come to Dollywood's Splash Country!7. Dollywood’s Splash Country
And of course what many, including my husband, see as the mecca of getting wet in the Smokies- Dollywood’s Splash Country! They offer enough water attractions to keep you busy all summer! Besides a huge wave pool and my husband’s all time favorite- the lazy river, Splash Country boasts more than 23 water slides and thrill rides! “Slick Rock Racer, a multi-lane mat slide for the 2010 season, spans 300 feet and features four water-drenched lanes, each side by side. Positioned belly down on mats, each rider travels head first on a channel which includes an initial dip to build speed. Multiple bumps along the length of the slide allow riders to gain additional momentum which propels them to the finish. The new attraction can accommodate approximately 600 guests an hour.” ERA in the Smokies sells discount tickets to Dollywood and Splash Country! Call the number listed below for more information! I can’t wait!

ERA In The SmokiesThis blog is sponsored by ERA In The Smokies Realty and Rentals located at 207 Parkway in Gatlinburg. For more info. on a Gatlinburg Cabin for your Smoky Mountain Vacation or all the reasons to move to the Smokies, call 1-800-309-0277. ERA In The Smokies is a leader in chalet and Log Cabin Rentals and Real Estate Sales in the Gatlinburg area.

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