Black Bears Like Candy Too!

Ole Smoky Candy KitchenAs some of you may have heard, one of our black bears just couldn’t resist the overwhelming scent of candy coming from the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen. The bear actually broke through the glass at the front of the store to enter and get his chance to enjoy the really sweet stuff!

That morning, the first employees to arrive came in the back, as always, so weren’t immediately alerted to the bear’s presence. They could tell someone had been in there creating a mess before they suddenly came upon the bear, still gorging himself. They ran back out the way they came and hid in their cars, calling the owner who arrived shortly. The three of them cautiously entered through the back again, thinking the bear had been startled and left earlier, but it was still in there! They called the police, who came and, leaving the back door open, startled it into leaving. It rambled across the parking area and into the woods.

The bear not only broke the glass, but relieved itself in the store and destroyed $4-500 worth of the store’s sweet merchandise! It enjoyed rock candy, nuts, pecan logs, caramel apples, chocolate covered pretzels, and more.

For the full story, read the article from our local paper, the Mountain Press.


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