Photo Contest Winners – Smoky Mountain Scenery

Drumroll Please…..

After receiving over 3,000 amazing photos of Smoky Mountain Scenery, we managed to select a little more than 50 of the best ones as finalists. The competition has been extremely fierce and choosing a winner has certainly been a task! We had to narrow it a little more though, and we managed to select 8 of these to receive special honor:

3rd Runners Up

Photo by Janice Price

Photo by Megan Wernigk

Photo By Sharon Long

2nd Runners Up

Photo By Pat Randolph

Photo By Kathy Morgan

1st Runners Up

Photo By Valerie Marsh

Photo By Cody Young

1st Place Winner of a FREE 3 Night Stay!

Photo By Nancy Mueller


4 thoughts on “Photo Contest Winners – Smoky Mountain Scenery

    • You are so welcome, Cody; You were very very close to your 2nd win.
      For those of you that just recently started following our blog, Mr. Cody Young won our previous photo contest and then he came in as 1st runner up in the contest that just recently ended. Big Congrats to Cody & all of our applicants for the amazing photos! If you have been to the Smokies, I’m sure that you cherish your photos and memories of these beautiful Mountains. Speaking as a native Gatlinburg”ian”, it is truly amazing to wake up each day surrounded by what I know must be one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee.
      Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the area, as well as information on our next photo contest when it starts.

  1. Just wanted to take the time and say thank you for selecting my photo as one of the 1st runners up and thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest! Looking forward to future contests! Thanks again.

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