Dollywood’s Southern Gospel & Harvest Fest 2012

Subscribe to A Day In The SmokiesDollywood’s Annual Southern Gospel & Harvest Festival returns this year October 3 – November 3, 2012! This is, in our experience, Dollywood’s busiest time of year. It’s so exciting to come and see all the hustle and bustle!

The PerrysIf you enjoy Southern Gospel music, this is the time for you to come! Your Dollywood admission covers entrance to all the concerts. You could stand in line for hours and still miss the show you want to see if you don’t plan ahead, though, so here are some tips!
1. Plan to arrive 30 minutes earlier than when the park opens! They will often go ahead and let you into the park this early and you can make a beeline to the door of the first concert you want to see! If nothing else, planning to be 30 minutes early ought to get you there on time even if you hit traffic or other delays on the way.
2. Want to avoid waiting in line for those indoor shows? Get a Q-Bot! The Q2Q system will hold your place in line for rides and indoor shows while you enjoy everything else the park has to offer! It only costs $15 per person, and the 6th person is free! If you have a gold season pass, it’s only $12 per person. They have a limited number of Q-bots available, so you will still want to plan to get to the park 30 minutes early!
3. If you’d rather wait in some lines than spend a little extra on the Q-bots, make sure to plan out your goals for the day in advance, and then prepare to be flexible. You can find the show schedule ahead of time on the Dollywood website. Plan to make a beeline for the first show you’d like to get into as soon as you get to the park. Then plan to get in line at least an hour and a half before show time for any other indoor shows you’d like to see. If you are looking forward to some of the outdoor shows, plan to arrive about 5 minutes before the end of the previous showing, in order to jump on some decent seats, as soon as the audience from the previous showing leaves. If you get there late for the outdoor shows, you may not be able to see, but at least you will be able to hear!

Southern Gospel and Harvest FestivalThere are plenty of other wonderful sights, sounds, smells, and tastes to enjoy! Talented crafters will have booths set up all over the park, demonstrating their skills and offering their goods for sale. Special fall recipes will be tantalizing you all over the park, including Dollywood’s signature fried green tomatoes, a true Southern dish! And beautiful fall decorations will delight you everywhere you set your foot. Don’t miss out on this year’s Southern Gospel and Harvest Festival!

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