Father’s Day Garden Party

christmas place

The Incredible Christmas Place is hosting a wonderful opportunity for children to make their fathers a Father’s Day card on Sunday June 16,2013. Plenty of art supplies will be available at their disposal for ample opportunity for creativity! While you are in town, celebrate Father’s Day at the Incredible Christmas Place where the staff are always full of Christmas cheer.

fathers day        While at the Incredible Christmas Place, Mrs. Claus’ will honor the fathers present by holding a cookie decorating session in her Candy Kitchen. Guests will also get to eat the cookies they decorate. You don’t want to miss this one of a kind store so make sure to look around the Incredible Christmas Place after you finish with the activities!


The Incredible Christmas Place is the largest Christmas superstore in the South. It opened in 1986, and has earned widespread recognition for the products it sells, including personalized Christmas tree ornaments, a large variety of gourmet teas and coffees, ice cream, candy and much more. This awesome store feels like the kind of place Santa and his reindeer would feel at home!

spring garland

The Incredible Christmas Place is also famous for the garlands and other plants it sells. On Father’s Day weekend, the store’s courtyard is overflowing with abundant plant life!

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