Bill Gladwell, The Mentalist


Bill Gladwell’s new show in Gatlinburg, TN has been voted the #1 show in Gatlinburg by TripAdvisor. The star of the most mind-blowing show in Gatlinburg, Bill Gladwell, combines psychology, suggestion, hypnosis, directed awareness and showmanship to predict and control human behavior as well as perform mental feats that appear supernatural. From Lima, Ohio, Bill wanted to bring a Las Vegas style show to the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains. Located inside Gatlinburg’s Space Needle at IRIS Theater, his show “Head Case” has been a huge hit with visitors. He predicts what people are thinking by reading their body language among other techniques. His show involves a high level of audience participation both on the stage and from their seats. Bill creates an experience that you will talk about and remember or a very long time.

Bill Gladwell has authored two books and has been featured in many others. His first book sells worldwide and his second book is a best-seller in the fields of Influence and Social Dynamics. Bill has made several appearances on television and in film. Two future films are currently in negotiations.

Bill says:

“The look on a person’s face when they have just witnessed a miracle, whether it be during a performance or some other interaction, is what make me wake up early and go to bed late. When I see that look I know I have created a moment in that person’s life that they will remember forever.”


“My fiance and I went to see “Head Case.” We loved the show! It started right on time. Bill interacts with all of the audience, even the kids. He stays after the show to visit with everyone and answer questions. He is very talented. Next time we visit, we will be sure to go back to the show! We have friends going next month to Gatlinburg, and we have recommended they also go to the show! We look forward to seeing him on America’s Got Talent:)”-TripAdvisor

“What can I say? Thought my wife and I were just going to see a cool show and I ended up being a part of it! Bill got in my head and guessed a childhood pets name from 25 years ago!! Bill will include everyone in his performance either from your seat or on stage.The theatre is small and will fill up fast so buy your tickets in advance or you will miss out on a great show!! We didn’t bring our kid’s on this trip, but Bill’s show is family friendly and we will definitely bring the whole crew next time to his show. I know my kids will enjoy his talent!!”- TripAdvisor

“Great show and experience! Bill had us wondering how he had done things even after we left the show. We loved it so much we will be going back for more shows. My husband and I do not get away often; so when we do, we want to find shows we both will enjoy. We saw Bill on YouTube and wanted to see him in person. We had to go, and we liked that everyone was involved in the audience. Super cool!”-TripAdvisor

Reserve your cabin rental with ERA In The Smokies and walk downtown to see Gatlinburg’s #1 show!!


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