A Moment with ADayInTheSmokies on Instagram

ADayInTheSmokiesADIS was launched on Instagram, so that we could share the moments we have captured in the Smokies with you. When each moment is captured, we place our thoughts with those who have seen it, those who have not seen it, and for those who are unaware of the beauty our Great National Park brings. With each coming day, we take in the bits of beauty that our nature provides in this area and we appreciate that minute in time.

ADayInTheSmokies displays the visual significance in our sunrises, sunsets, as well as the turn of the seasons. We try to portray the focal points that will give our audience intimate views of the various critters and plants that they would find. Our trails will allow you encounter rivers, streams and cascading falls. Our photographic depictions display how they vary in range from open views to hidden scenes. ADayInTheSmokies aims to lead you through a visual journey and we invite you to join us. We invite you to see what makes the Smokies a great place to come explore and find.

So, who’s the Photographer? Our own Cherise Guesford is the one with the photographic flare and she shares her moments in time with you. She hikes the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding areas, as she looks for scenes to share with you. She enjoys receiving your comments and smiles, so if you have not seen the site be sure to see it now – http://instagram.com/adayinthesmokies.




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