Oh Those Bears!

Oh Those Bears!

Seeing a bear is definitely a thrill! Not so much the, “Aww, what a cute fuzzy animal!” thrill. More the strange, awe-inspiring combination of, “What a beautiful, majestic animal!” and “Wow! I could’ve been killed!” If that’s the kind of thrill you’re looking for, search no further than the Great Smoky Mountains! They’ve been known […]

Beloved Black Bears

Even though they look cute and cuddly, black bears are wild animals and are dangerous and unpredictable. While visiting the Great Smoky Mountains please do not approach the bears or allow them to approach you and do not feed them! “Panhandler” bears, who have had access to human food and garbage only live half of […]

Do Black Bears Hibernate?

Black Bears are amazing creatures, and perhaps the most well-known and beloved creatures here in the Smoky Mountains! They have certainly been very active this summer, digging into our guests’ trash cans, joining us for a few hikes, making visits to our office, posing for pictures, and generally making themselves known! There is actually an alert on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Website for increased black bear activity, so our bears are definitely not ready to take their winter naps yet. But Fall is here, and it’s about time for people to start asking: “Don’t Bears hibernate?” Yes! … and then again, not completely!