Veteran’s Day Drawing Winners!

veterans parade pigeon forge, tn

For Veteran’s Day we posted on Instagram about a drawing for one lucky winner of a free two night stay at a one bedroom cabin. Well, we couldn’t pick just one! We have announced the three (Yes Three!) winners of this drawing and they are:

Instagram Users: @sandyxenos @nathanagreen @abkro161

We want to thank all those who entered and congratulate our winners. We appreciate all of you who have served or are currently serving our country! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give back. To see how Gatlinburg celebrates Veteran’s Day visit our blog post.

For more chances to win visit our Fall Photo Contest here.


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A Sporting Feud!

You stroll down Parkway, making your way to your destination and you begin to ponder as to how you are going to fit it all in! We suggest breaking it down by your interest and if you are into competitive action and extreme sports then the Lumberjack Feud will provide you with both. This attraction is a dinner & show that provides its audience with an amazing display of intense physical competitions.The audience watches authentic Lumberjack athletes compete in these high thrilling events:


Watch these Lumberjacks utilize their ability to chop and climb in the Springboard chop event. After they ascend they use springboard placements to chop through a 12-inch-diameter aspen log mounted on the top of the pole.



Single Buck

In the Single Buck competition a Lumberjack utilizes a one-man bucking saw to pierce through 19 inches of white pine within the designated time frame.





During the Hot Saw competition a lumberjack uses a STIHL MS880 chainsaw to make three vertical cuts—down, up, and down—through a 20-inch-diameter white pine log. This competition is based on the time frame in which the third slice is severed. All cuts must be complete to qualify.



Double_ BuckIn the Double Buck competition, two Lumberjacks utilize a two-man buckingsaw to pierce through a 20-inch-diameter white pine log. The Lumberjack team that cuts through their log first wins!





This Standing Block competition simulates the action of chopping down a tree. Lumberjacks will be striking the front side of the block. They then strike the back side, as their axe is driven into the wood severing it into two.




Underhand_chop copy

In this competition Lumberjacks will be standing on a block, swinging a 7 pound axe in a downward position continuing half way through the front side in the Underhand Block Chop event. Swiftly they helicopter over to the other side to sever their block in two.




In the 60-foot speed climb Lumberjacks will ascend poles with their ropes in order to cross the top line. Once this goal is achieved, they must be the first to touch ground in order to accomplish the win!


The Log Roll competition is the grand finale it challenges a Lumberjacks ability for balance, speed, movement and longevity. A Lumberjack will attempt to lodge their opponent off a floating log within a designated time frame. The win is based on a two out of three score.

Take a peek at what you will see at the Lumberjack Feud in Pigeon Forge! If you book a stay with ERA In The Smokies you will receive a Buy 1, Get 1 coupon for this Dinner & Show! (This offer is valid until February 28th and excludes the Valentine’s Holiday weekend)

This blog is sponsored by ERA In The Smokies Realty and Rentals located at 207 Parkway in Gatlinburg. For more information on a Gatlinburg Cabin for your Smoky Mountain Vacation or all the reasons to move to the Smokies, call 865-430-3366. ERA In The Smokies is a leader in chalet and Log Cabin Rentals and Real Estate Sales in the Gatlinburg area.
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Valentine’s with the TITANIC MUSEUM of Pigeon Forge



The TITANIC Museum Attraction invites you to visit during the Valentine Holiday. Experience the exclusive events that will be taking place at their museum in Pigeon Forge!

When Margaret Tobin Brown boarded Titanic at Cherbourg, France, she had already made a significant impact in the world. She and her daughter Helen, who was a student at the Sorbonne, had been traveling throughout Europe and were staying with the John Jacob Astor party in Cairo, Egypt, when Margaret received word that her first grandchild, Lawrence Palmer Brown, Jr., was ill. So, she decided to leave for New York immediately and boarded Titanic on April 10, 1912. Come see the Titanic’s exhibition that entails the story of Margaret” Unsinkable Molly” Brown.

The Titanic Museum Attraction is honored to also announce an exclusive event for February 14th & February 15th. Mrs. Helen Benziger, Margaret “Unsinkable Molly” Brown’s Great Granddaughter, will make a two-day appearance. Visitors will have a chance to speak with her and hear her separate fact from fiction in the life of her famed ancestor.  


Experience the Loving Cup Reunion on Valentine’s weekend, Margaret “Molly” Tobin Brown’s Great Granddaughter, Helen Benziger, along with Captain Rostron’s Great Granddaughters from England, will come together with the ACTUAL Loving Cup at the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge, Tn. These three Titanic Descendants will be at the ship to meet and greet guests on February 14th and February 15th for this historical event.

TITANIC MUSEUM ATTRACTION of Pigeon Forge will also be generously donating an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY to a guest of ERA In The Smokies. If you book a stay during Valentine’s weekend you have a chance to win this EXCLUSIVE PACKAGE:

– A family pass good for 2 adults and up to 4 children
– A private meet & greet with Helen Benziger, 
  “Unsinkable Molly” Brown’s Great Granddaughter 
– An Unsinkable Molly Brown book signed by Helen Benziger
– A signed photo of you and Helen Benziger
– A Titanic jewelry piece inspired by the “Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

 Plan these events into your intimate getaway & experience the deepest tales of the TITANIC!

This blog is sponsored by ERA In The Smokies Realty and Rentals located at 207 Parkway in Gatlinburg. For more information on a Gatlinburg Cabin for your Smoky Mountain Vacation or all the reasons to move to the Smokies, call 865-430-3366. ERA In The Smokies is a leader in chalet and Log Cabin Rentals and Real Estate Sales in the Gatlinburg area.

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Motorcycle Trails!


motorcycke banner

Gatlinburg, TN has attracted many visitors traveling by motorcycle over the years. With it’s winding roads and gorgeous mountain views, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a wonderful place to have fun riding motorcycles and take in the beauty of the mountains. Throughout the many different motorcycles trails there are quaint mountain tours offering culture and history to visitors. Stop in each town and have a meal and discover what the natives have to offer. The trails range from moderate in difficulty to strenuous in difficulty for all levels of experienced drivers. Have fun and remember to always put safety first when riding!

Here is a complied list of great motorcycle trail in the Smokies:

  1. Gatlinburg, TN tour NC, TN- Approximately 225 miles round trip. Travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway heading West and onto Gatlinburg, TN. Abrp terrific road with abundant scenery. Time permitting, drive onto Pigeon Forge, TN and then return home after lunch.
  2. Cherohala Skyway tour NC, TN- Approximately 320 miles round trip. Truly a road in the sky! Typically less traffic than the Blue Ridge Parkway and much more isolated. Arrive in Tellico Plains, TN and have lunch along the river. Return home on the same road with a totally different view of the scenery.
  3. Cherokee/Casino tour NC- Approximately 180 miles round trip. Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway over to Cherokee and learn about the Indian heritage in the area. If you are a gambler, Harrah’s Casino offers an abundance of gambling diversions to take your money.
  4. biltmorefront3Biltmore Estate tour NC- Approximately 65 miles round trip. Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway into Asheville and then to the Biltmore Estate, “America’s Castle”. Spend as much time as you like exploring the Estate and Gardens and have lunch while you are there.
  5. Oconee Forest/ Highlands tour NC, SC and GA- Approximately 150 miles round trip. Travel through a canopied forest and up a back road to highlandsHighlands. This is one of the more spectacular curvy mountain roads around. Have lunch in the quaint mountain village of Highlands and experience some great shopping afterwards and then head home.
  6. Deals Gap tour NC, TN- Approximately 200 miles round trip. Travel to Bryson City and beyond to Deals Gap and the “Tail of the Dragon”, 318 turns in 11 miles. This is the longest trail in the Smokies, but possibly the most rewarding.tail of the dragon
  7. Hot Springs tour NC- Approximately 160 miles round trip. Travel scenic mountain roads to North Carolina’s only natural hot water springs/baths. Be careful, the springs really relax you.
  8. The Newport Trail tour TN- Enjoy scenery of mountain streams, rivers, mountain coves and valleys, town of Newport, TN and the river gorge.
  9. The Dandridge/ Douglas Lake Trail tour TN- Enjoy scenery of mountain streams, river gorge, mountain coves, mountain lake, historic town of Dandridge, TN, Douglas dam and bypass around Pigeon Forge, TN.
  10. The Waynesville/ Cherokee Trail tour NC, TN- Enjoy scenery of mountain streams, river-cut canyon through the Great Smoky Mountains, quaint mountain resort towns and the Cherokee Indian National Reservation. A final ride over the high range of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a grand finale for this scenic and entertaining trail.
  11. The Maggie Valley/ Blue Ridge Parkway Trail tour NC, TN- Enjoy scenery of mountain streams, river-cut canyon through the Great Smoky Mountains, a quaint mountain resort town with regional amusement park combined with spectacular views at roadside overlooks, picnic areas and quiet trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway for one of the most popular motorcycle trails for locals and visitors alike.

Stay at an authentic mountain cabin with ERA In The Smokies and travel to all of the fun motorcycle trails!

Tax-FREE Weekend in Tennessee!


Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, August 2, 2013 and ending at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 4, 2013, Tennessee will allow a tax-free holiday for going back to school. However, any one can make a purchase tax-free; you do not have to prove you are a student or buying for a student. The only items that will be tax-free are clothing, school supplies and computers.

Clothing ($100 or less per item) examples of tax-free clothing items include:

  • Belts
  • Capsclothes
  • Coats
  • Dresses
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Hosiery
  • Jacketssneakers
  • Jeans
  • Neckties
  • Pants
  • Scarves
  • School Uniforms
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Socksschool-uniform
  • Sneakers
  • Underwear

Tax exempt clothing items do NOT include accessories such as jewelry, bags or sports or recreational equipment like baseball gloves. When customers put clothing items on layaway during the tax-free holiday period, they will also be tax exempt when final payment and delivery is made after the exemption period.

School Supplies ($100 or less per item) examples:

  • Bindersbackpack
  • Bookbags/backpacks
  • Calculators
  • Chalk
  • Crayons
  • Eraserscalculator
  • Folders
  • Glue
  • Lunch boxes
  • Notebooks
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • Pencilspaintbrushes
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Clay and Glazes
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sketch and drawing pads
  • Watercolors

Specifically excluded items include instructional material, including reference books and school computer supplies (compact discs, printers and printer ink).

Computers ($1,500 or less)

Computers with a purchase price of $1,500 or less, not for use of trade or business, are exempt from tax. Additionally, there is no requirement that purchases be made only for

The following items are NOT exempt from tax:

  • Computer parts, such as monitors, keyboards, speakers and scanners when not sold in conjunction with a computer set
  • Individually purchased software or other software not part of a preloaded software package on the initial purchase of a computer
  • Storage media, such as compact discs and USB flash drives
  • Handheld electronic devices
  • Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and electronic readers (i.e. Kindle, Nook, etc.)
  • Video game consoles
  • Computer printers and supplies for printers, such as paper and ink

Places to shop during the tax-free weekend in Gatlinburg include the Mountain Mall, the Village shops and the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC). The great things about shopping in Gatlinburg is that all the shops are within walking distance from one another or you can catch the Gatlinburg Free Parkway trolley.noc

Great places to shop in Pigeon Forge include the Pigeon Forge Factory Outlet Mall, the Pigeon Forge Belz Outlet Mall, the Tanger Outlet Mall and the Pigeon Forge Factory Outlets- The Red Roof Mall.

Some places to shop during the tax-exempt weekend in Sevierville are the Five Oaks Mall with well known clothing stores, TJ Maxx, Belk, Kmart, Wal-Mart, Staples, and Lee and Levi stores.tanger-five-oaks

There are multiple places to shop for back to school in Gatlinburg and surrounding areas near luxury cabin rentals, such as ERA In The Smokies cabin rentals, so make a last minute vacation and save on back-to-school items!

Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair- Summer 2013


Gatlinburg’s 38th annual Craftsmen’s Fair is currently being held in the Gatlinburg Convention Center and will continue until Sunday July 28, 2013. The fair is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays. Admission for adults is $6.00 and children 12 and under are free. The Gatlinburg Convention Center is located at traffic light #8 on the parkway in downtown Gatlinburg.

william britten booth

“Rarely does an event come along that features the wonderful variety of juried artists as the Gatlinburg’s Craftsmen’sFair. It is a show that should not be missed!”- Southeast Tourism Society

tim watson

There will also be Country and Bluegrass Music Shows daily at the Craftsmen’s Fair. The shows will be held at 12, 2 and 4 pm daily and at 12 and 2 pm on Sundays. The Summer Fair will feature Tim Watson The “Fiddle Man” and Dennis Lee and Band.

With over 200 booths of talented artisans, the Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair is one of the only places that artisans from around the country can gather to demonstrate their talent and beautifully display their one of a kind crafts in the same place. The Gatlinburg Craftsmen’s Fair is a truly magical event where such talent can be seen.

craftsmens fair booths

Some participants in this year’s Summer fair include: Larry Burton, an award winning artist from Townsend, TN who uses watercolors on canvas; Sandy Hensley, a jewelry designer from Shelbyville, KY who is inspired by the spirituality of nature for her designs; and Charles Adams, a stained glass artist from Troy, Ala who has been participating in the Craftsmen’s Fair for nearly 30 years and is always a favorite.

There will be a new feature this Summer at the fair:

“We’re partnering with Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries to present our new children’s area. It’s free and available for children ages 2 and up. There will be lots of art projects for them, everything from making necklaces to painting birdhouses. It;s going to be adorable.” -Tracey Large

Tonight is the night! is coming to Instagram tonight at 12:01am!
We couldn’t be more excited! When work, passion and our love for photography and the Smokies all come together it could be nothing but phenomenal 🙂
We look forward to seeing you on IG in 2013!

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