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Are you wondering how to make this Smoky Mountain Travel Blog work for you as a Free Gatlinburg Vacation Planner? It is easy.

Just type in what you want to do in the search box in the right sidebar, and any post that includes  your term will pop up.  For example, type in “fishing,” and the “I’d Rather Be Fishing” Post will be listed.  “I’d Rather Be Fishing” offers you links and information about fishing in and around Gatlinburg.  The same is true for picnic, wildlife—even Rock ‘n’ Roll. If you prefer you can go to our News Blog and browse through hundreds of very useful information of the Smoky Mountains Area!


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Smoky Mountains Horseback Riding


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Do you still need help finding a cabin?  Here are a few tips:

This bed is in "Above the Rest" at Winfield Heights!1. Decide how many people will be joining you and whether everyone needs a bed.

For example, if you are bring 6 people on vacation but two of the vacationers are toddlers,  you may want to consider renting 2 bedroom cabin with a sleeper sofa because it will often be less expensive than a 3 bedroom cabin.  Then follow these links: 1-2 Bedroom Cabins or 3-5 Bedroom Cabins.

This pool and clubhouse are an amenity for the Bear Feet Adventure Cabin!2. Are you bringing your pet? Check out !

3. What amenities does your family want? Cabins often offer amenities like a whirlpool tub, outdoor hot tub, pool table, mountain views, pool and clubhouse access.  Decide on your amenities, and it will be easier to make a cabin decision.

Click Here for 10 Great Gatlinburg Day Trips!4. How far are you willing to drive? There are lots of cabins that are only 3-7 minutes from Downtown Gatlinburg, but if you’re on a budget, you might want to consider cabins that are a little further outside of town.  Cabins that are located 8 to 15 minutes out of Downtown are often cheaper.  There are advantages to being further out:  less traffic, less noise and better access to Great Gatlinburg Day Trips.

Click Here for more information on having a Smoky Mountain Adventure!5. Do you own a 4WD? During the winter months, Gatlinburg does get snow and ice, and while there are lots of cabins not located at steep elevations, some are not accessible without 4-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle during snow,  ice and other inclement weather.  Make sure you ask your reservationist because cabin companies do not give refunds for inclement weather.

If all else fails, ask a professional. Most cabin rental companies are staffed by local Gatlinburg residents who often have the inside scoop on everything from the best local pizza to where to buy film.  Just ask.  ERA In The Smokies is available to help 1-800-309-0277.